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Camp Drop Off & Pick Up Dates — 2012 SUMMER 2-WEEK SESSION: JULY 8 TO JULY 21
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"First when I came here I was in tears so afraid that I couldn't face my fears. We started hiking mile by mile we worked so hard is like a gun to your head, tomorrow was a different day hiked up 'til we see the day come on. Everybody lets jump in a lake. The lake was cold it sent shivers down my spine but baby it was worth every dime. Now the day has come to an end lets go to a cliff and do it again."








4 kids on a rock



To a young person, the word might evoke thoughts of happy, carefree days, when kicking back in the warm sunshine with good friends pretty much summed up one's idea of heaven.


But to teens and young adults diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Nonverbal Learning Disorder or any other social cognitive differences, summer days might not be any different than any other days. Coping with years of social challenges, academic worries, teasing, bullying and being excluded have left many feeling alone and defeated. Unable to move forward with their lives or meet the challenges of college, careers or personal relationships, many youth on the spectrum do not have the skills to advance on their own.


Asperger's Team Camp was created to help teens by removing the barriers to their success. In a supportive environment, bullying or other negative actions or words are not tolerated. Here, we focus on several key components of building a healthy, independent life:
• Improving social skills at camp
• Participating in physical activity
• Encouraging self-determination
• Taking on leadership roles
• Developing friendships and bonding
• Overcoming challenges
• Making smart decisions
• Meeting goals
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Created by Meg and Michael Fields, health care professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area, Asperger's Team Camp offers a valuable opportunity for youth ages 13 and up. By sharing the camping experience with their peers, participants can enjoy a fun vacation away from home while learning and practicing valuable skills that can improve their individual lives and the lives of their families, too.

To learn more about Meg and Michael Fields and their philosophy behind Asperger's Team Camp, click here.

Located at the Cal Lodge in the scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains north of Lake Tahoe, Asperger's Team Camp offers a two-week summer residential program. Our Camp provides a compassionate and caring professional staff, and a safe, nurturing environment in which to explore and grow. Owned by The Associated Students of the University of California, the historic Cal Lodge welcomes participants with its friendly and casual atmosphere. The Lodge is surrounded by the amazing beauty of Mother Nature at her summertime best, making our program site a unique setting for learning new social skills as well as fun in the sun.

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Or breakfast and lunch for that matter? At Asperger's Team Camp, we realize the need for healthful, wholesome meals. We also know that each individual's needs or wants may vary. Clair Tappaan Lodge serves a hearty cooked breakfast and dinner each day. Meals are prepared by the Lodge's professional kitchen staff and served family-style. Brown bag lunch ingredients are ready for guests to assemble and take with them every day. Vegetarian options are also offered for all three meals.



Perhaps your teen is not an outdoor person. Or maybe they've never gone on a hike before. Rest assured that Asperger's Team Camp will take your child's level of ability into consideration for each activity. We want every participant to enjoy and benefit from the Camp experience. Learning new activities and gaining physical confidence are valuable tools in the maturing process. Asperger's Team Camp is sensitive to the needs (and perhaps fears) of individual campers as they embark on new adventures each day.


2 girls at the lake

After a full day of activities and fun, the cozy Lodge awaits. Accommodations are single gender dormitories with bunk beds. Every bunk is equipped with a mattress. Each camper brings his or her own sleeping bag, perfect for the dorm as well as overnight backpacking trips. In the Lodge, rest room and shower facilities are shared, with two boys and two girls bathrooms. Each camper brings his or her own towels and toiletries.


Both Meg and Michael Fields are registered nurses who can anticipate, monitor, and attend to participants needs regarding medications and foods. As parents of a son diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, the Fields understand a parent's concern. In case of emergency, Tahoe Forest Hospital, located in Truckee, California, is only 20 minutes from the Lodge.
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A typical day at Asperger's Team Camp includes:



9:00.......Straighten up and get ready for the day:
• Social skills coaching by Kathy Allen, MA
• Planning
• Information sharing
• Discussing and setting goals for the day
• Learning to make lists that help us complete our goals


10:00.......Pack a bag lunch and out the door for daily activities that could include:
• Kayaking
• Boating
• Rafting
• Dock time
• Hiking
• Backpacking and overnight camping, Wednesday through Friday
• Cooking
• Camping
• Swimming
• Indoor and outdoor living
• Music
• Drama
• Games
• Crafts


1:00.......Lunch, followed by more activities


5:30.......Rest period


6:00........Dinner preparation, cooking and clean up


7:00........Mentoring and group discussions about learning and developing life skills


8:00.......Campfire activities


9:00.......Showers and prepare for bed


10:00......Lights low or out



Hiking shoes (boots) water proof, broken in
Hat with brim
Light weight jacket
socks (7 pair)
Long pants (2 pair)
Shorts (3 pair)
Warm hat (beanie)
Swim suit
Jacket (waterproof and breathable preferred)
Flip flops or sandals
Tennis shoes
Long underwear (long johns)
Long sleeve top or pullover (non cotton, preferred)
Short sleeve shirts (5 pair)
Underwear (7 pair)
Rain pants or poncho (light weight)


Brush or comb
Ponytail holders or headbands
Towel (1) washcloth (2)


Back pack (the lighter the better!)
Sleeping bag (0-30 degree rating)
Water bottle (1 liter)
Chapstick with UV protection
Sleeping pad
Flashlight or headlamp with fresh batteries
Plastic bowl and plastic utensils
Mosquito repellent
Black trash bag
Ground cloth


Laundry sack
Spiral notebook and pen
Money for outings



At Asperger's Team Camp, participants can learn and gain competence from several sources: from their own experiences here, from our staff and from fellow campers, too. In fact, that is what makes our program truly a team effort, because each camper is a team member, too. Here, no one is ignored, and each person is valued for his or her abilities and contributions to the group.




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